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Jul 07, 2010


Frederick L. Cox Sr.

I would also add be careful of the tat's you get, although there is no concrete evidence of long term liver damage, common sense tell's me that all that ink can't be good over the long haul. One or two may be okay, but trying to cover large section's of the skin with ink can't be good


Hey Frederick, thanks for your comment. I've never had a tattoo before, guess I never had any kind of desire for one. Never gave much thought to what that ink could actually do to the skin but I have seen some people that are literally covered with them, it almost looks like it would have to do some kind of damage of some sort, I don't know. It has always looked like something that would have to be painful, just like all the piercings people get in places I couldn't even imagine getting due to the pain involved.


Thank you for sharing this! We all have an inner child that needs to be consoled and advised no matter what our chronological age.


Hi Julie! You're so right about that. No matter what age you are you can always look back at all your experiences in life, whether positive or negative, and learn from them. Thanks for adding your comment and reading this post!

Frederick L. Cox Sr.

I have never had one either Kimmie, and have no plan's to get one. The original idea for tat's were military men did it just in case there bodie's were somehow mutilated in battle and tat's were used as a mean's of identification in those case's. I can understand one or even two perhap's ( altho not for me ), but covering a major portion of the skin with ink just can't be healthy in the long term.


Frederick, Wow! I never would have guessed that is why they had tatoo's, that's interesting to know, thanks for little bit of history lesson there. I agree, it amazes me sometimes to see the ones who have practically their whole body covered, it wouldn't be something I desire to do but sometimes they can be interesting to look at, the artwork is amazing!

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